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Posted by Sambath Kumaar on December 31, 2009 at 4:56 PM Comments comments (2)

Welcome all....

Please visit this website and give ur valuable comments.

The tabs on top would also assist you.

Check out the links tab, it will be of a lot of help.

Scroll down for info about me.

Sign in or register yourself in the members area on the right.

Go to guestbook and sign there with comments,,, u will find it on top!!!

It is not a fully organized site though.

Thank you!!:):):)

Me, all my way!!

Posted by Sambath Kumaar on December 30, 2009 at 1:39 PM Comments comments (0)

I am Sambath Kumaar, and this is just a begginer's site and am not fully aware of the options of this site.

And now about me, myself and my surroundings..

My native is Erode*. Had my pre-learning (Kindergarden to my 5th grade).

Then i was shifted to a boarding school at Yercaud, where i did my next three years of my studies. Those were the painfullest years i had.

Then back again to Erode and i did my 9th and 10th here.It was not bad here.

Now for my 11th and 12th i shifted with my family to one of the most busiest and civilized cities in Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore.

It was far better here than all the other places i have been.

So, all these times, i have encountered loads of people along way. Learnt with them, knew them and stuff.

It was helpfull because i was able to understand people easily.

Though i have a great deal of history in changing places, i dont have anyone whom i can sly say, can be my trusted friend forever.

But again Coimbatore changed me, i got some really trustable worthy friends here,well i think because i was mature now than the other days!

Thats it for now!!

*Erode is a district famous for its turmeric exports internationally. It is located in the state of Tamil Nadu, India.


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